Portrait Director

Portrait Gabriela D’Hondt

Award Winner Director & Producer

After concluding her University degree in Film Directing in 2001, Gabriela D’Hondt won the FIRST STEP AWARD in Berlin.

In Mumbay she worked as an assistant in one of the largest Bollywood studios. During her first documentary film in Russia for Green Cross, she was thrown in prison by the military police. She and her buddy had obviously been too curious. That was in 1998, even before Putin. Fortunately her detention only lasted a few hours.

Since 2003 she directs and produces documentaries and corporate films. Currently she works for ETH Zurich at the Multimedia Divsion, documenting science projects and events, such as the first Cybathlon in Zurich.

Her reports were published by the Swiss, German and French TV Stations: SRF, ZDF, swr, arte, swr and TV 5 Monde.  In 2013 Gabriela D’Hondt and her team won the annual art price of her home city, Schaffhausen.

Gabriela DHondt
Gabriela D’Hondt

Gabriela is an experienced team-player – she understands what it takes to motivate and lead people. Whether on the set with a 30-head crew or in the studio with a small team of specialists: she knows how to optimally use the strength of each person.

©reflecta.tv, by G. DHondt
©reflecta.tv, by G. DHondt

Crew reflecta.tv
Production: reflecta.tv
Partly in colaboration with Swiss Television SF DRS
Camera Operator: Gabriela D’Hondt, Roni from FiftyFifty Films, Nicolo Settegrana
Camera Assistant: Burkina Faso: Jacques Ouali, Togo: Honoré Gahoun
Editors: Christine Rüfenacht, Gerald Ruppen, Jovice, Mica
Researcher: Julia Mundl
Assistants: David Zuercher
Translations: Charlotte Beck
English Voice, Co-Writer and Mentor: Julie Hunt

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