We are specialized for digital story telling with videos and social media. Further we work in international collaboration with broadcasters and deliver video footage on demand.

Head of reflecta.tv is Gabriela D’Hondt. She usually works in small teams and hires specialists on demand. Her reports were published by the Swiss, German and French TV Stations: SRF, ZDF, swr, arte, swr and TV5 Monde.
Most of all, she works for all kind of Social Media channels since 2008.

We produce in German, French and English.

Please enjoy some of our most successful video campaigns.

CYBATHLON 2016 and 2020
Winner of the European Excellence Award for
Best Event Marketing

The Official CYBATHLON Trailer was shoot by Gabriela D’Hondt and Team at the Rehearsal 2015 and went around the world. The whole communication campaign led by Nicole Kasielke and Robert Riener, won the European Excellence Award for the best event marketing.

National and international media (arte, BBC, CNN, SRF, the wire) picked up those stories and first embedded our videos on their websites and then reported themselves of the first Cybathlon in 2016.

Cybathlon 2016 and 2020 is organised by ETH Zurich and showcase in six disciplines. See the fascinating portraits about the pilots.

All Cybathlon Videos are produced with ETH Multimedia Services.

Social Media Video Stories

Our young community was excited about the Swissloop report and it got more than 22’000 views on Facebook within 2 days. Of course without any kind of advertising. Many Swiss media picked up the videostory.

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    • reflecta sagt:

      Thanks a lot, dear Flavia, that means a lot to me. Send you my best wishes all down to Australia! Gabriela

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